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Upcoming Authors at Anderson’s Bookshop…

9781400067886Night Film
by Marisha Pessl
(pub. 7/13)

A trio of investigators try to untangle the mysterious, possible suicide of a beautiful 24-year-old woman . . . who is the daughter of reclusive filmmaker Cordova. The author has created a multi-media novel, if you will, in that there’s a website devoted to Cordova film clips, and the book is fleshed out with newspaper clippings and other bits of information that fortify the narrative. Meanwhile, the trio lead by disgraced journalist Scott McGrath, whose career foundered on the rocks of his prior remarks about Cordova, endures all manner of challenge in their quest for the truth about Ashley Cordova’s death. This is quite the wild ride, and I’d like to talk about the ending with other readers!

Recommended by:
Sue B. – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

The Last PolicemanThe Last Policeman
by Ben H. Winters

2013 Edgar Winner for Best Paperback Original

On the brink of an apocalypse, newly promoted detective Hank Palace sets out to solve a murder. Would you keep working?

Recommended by:
Doris – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

9781594486401The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls
by Anton Disclafani
(pub. 5/13)

Thea Atwell has strayed from the straight and narrow and is banished to an equestrian camp at the tender age of 15. The family history and the details of Thea’s transgressions unspool against the backdrop of the Great Depression. The stark differences between the haves and have-nots at this time in our country’s history may be relevant for us today as well.

Recommended by:
Sue B. – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville


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