The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

9780307596901The Woman Upstairs
by Claire Messud

A fascinating look at one woman’s personal growth as she navigates three complicatad relationships.  Her connection to one family borders on obsession as the novel examines loyalty, friendship, art and passion.  Well drawn characters and a memorable female protagonist make this a great book group read.

Kathy – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville


The Gods of Gotham

9780425261255The Gods of Gotham
By Lyndsay Faye

Picture the thriving city of N.Y. in 1845: no police force, an influx of starving irish immigrants, and someone who is murdering children. Enter Valentine & Timothy Wilde, two provocative and fascinating brothers involved in pursuing a murderer. Great historical fiction and a creepy murderer to boot! Hope there’s a sequel.

Recommended by:
Carol K. – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville