Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson

9780316098076 Shaman
by Kim Stanley Robinson
(pub. 9/13)

Kim Stanley Robinson is one of our great science fiction writers and will gather many more followers with his new novel that is set 30,000 years ago and chronicles life at that time.  With his wonderful imagination we are immersed into a time when respect for nature and the earth are gloriously celebrated.  This book moves like the breath of life, inhaling and exhaling.

Sally – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville


Morpheus Road: The Light by D.J. MacHale

9781416965190The Light: Morpheus Road Book 1
by D.J. MacHale

This book is wonderfully creepy. In the very beginning of the book Marsh Seaver starts hearing and seeing small things that are just not right. The faucet drips, the lights go out and words appear in odd places. This subtle haunting is really scary. From there Marsh begins to be really haunted by his own comic creation, Gravedigger. When his best friend Cooper goes missing, he must team up with Cooper’s sister Sydney. Together they must find Cooper and try not to get killed by Gravedigger. I can’t wait for the next one.

Recommended by:
Sally – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

Redshirts by John Scalzi

Red Shirts by John ScalziRedshirts
by John Scalzi

This is a fun sci-fi read. Not to spoil anything but just think about all those characters in Star Trek that wore red shirts and only lasted one episode. What if they were real? Once again John Scalzi, author of “Old Man’s War” has written a truly fun mind-bending romp through space and time. Don’t miss it.

Recommend by
Sally – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville