Some great kids reads recommended by our staff…

9781416965190The Light: Morpheus Road Book 1
by D.J. MacHale

This book is wonderfully creepy. In the very beginning of the book Marsh Seaver starts hearing and seeing small things that are just not right. The faucet drips, the lights go out and words appear in odd places. This subtle haunting is really scary. From there Marsh begins to be really haunted by his own comic creation, Gravedigger. When his best friend Cooper goes missing, he must team up with Cooper’s sister Sydney. Together they must find Cooper and try not to get killed by Gravedigger. I can’t wait for the next one.

Recommended by:
Sally – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

9780670786060On Little Wings
by Regina Sirois

Family secrets and heartache are at the center of this beautiful story. But what makes this story fly “On Little Wings” is the memorable characters, the love of words and literature and the persistence of a teenage girl bound to heal the pain and longing of the family and friends around her. This is a read you hate to turn the last page but one that will stay with you for a good long while!

Recommended by
Becky – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

Hidden Summer
by Gin Phillips

This story is an absolute gem that captured me from page 1. Hidden Summer is a beautiful story about the friendship of two girls who don’t think that they will be able to survive the summer without each other and concoct the craziest idea in order to spend time together. What they discover though is that each is more independent and stronger then they gave themselves credit for. But as they grow and mature, will their friendship survive? This is Gin Phillips first children’s novel and I cannot wait for her to write more.

Recommended by:
Kathleen – Anderson’s Bookshop Downers Grove

by Leslie Connor

One of my very favorite family read-alouds! With lots of humor, a bit of a mystery & five engaging siblings (not to mention the crotchety neighbor) there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this tale of a life-changing summer. Will generate lively discussion. (Would also make an excellent classroom read-aloud for 4th to 6th grade.)
Recommended by
Erin – Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville


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